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IN-FLOW Hose Washer

Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters

Reduce Your Exposure

Fire fighters are repeatedly exposed to environments filled with known and unknown chemicals, carcinogens, toxins and particulates. As a result, it has been proven that fire fighters are more prone to certain illnesses and cancers than the general population. 

Reduction Efforts

Studies have found that wet decontamination is the most effective. In an effort to help reduce exposure to cancer causing carcinogens and other particles, OTEX Manufacturing created the IN-FLOW Hose Washer. 


The hose washing process is accomplished by four high pressure nozzles and two. The IN-FLOW hose washer is specifically designed for ultra low water use that is optimum for further reducing contamination. The hose washer will work with standard pressure washers from 3 - 4 gpm or your UHP fire pump for on site clean up. 

To load the washer, simply place the hose in the hose tray and slowly pull the hose through. Two nozzles rinse the hose prior to going through two special brushes that further loosen the debris. While the brushes ensure optimal placement for the hose between the nozzles thus creating an optimal cleaning environment that is safe and thorough. The final process is then rinsed by two more high pressure nozzles. 

The housing is built from aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy with two handles making it easy to grab and store the hose washer where convenient. 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 12”

Weight: 20 lbs

Connection: 3/8“ female coupling

Water flow: 3 - 4 gpm

Pressure: 2000 psi max

Proudly made in Canada

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IN-FLOW Hose Washer Sheet
Download PDF • 592KB


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