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Eliminate time-consuming, ineffective, manual hose washing


Designed by


for firefighters


Eliminates the

time-consuming hassle

of scrubbing hoses 

by hand


Lightweight, compact, easy to store and carry


Operates with standard 3-4 gpm

pressure washer

or UHP fire pump 

In-Flow device no background with space.png

Wash Your Hoses FASTER

The IN-FLOW Hose Washer from OTEX Manufacturing eliminates the time-consuming hassle of washing your fire hoses by hand. Replace your garden hoses, hand brushes, and high-flow washers with the tested and proven hose washer that’s in use right now in fire departments from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic Circle.

Designed for Today’s Firefighters

You don’t have to be a firefighter for very long before you discover that washing fire hoses by hand is time consuming, tedious, cumbersome—and ineffective. Garden hoses and hand brushes simply can’t remove the soot, debris, and contaminants that you encounter at today’s fires.

That’s why the team at OTEX manufacturing designed, engineered and built the IN-FLOW Hose Washer. Each member of the design team is a firefighter with decades of experience. They understand the frustrations and limitations of manual washing methods, and the limitations of the solutions currently on the market.

So, they invented a better way, the IN-FLOW Hose Washer.

Fire Fighter pulling clean hose from In-Flow more left showing.jpg


Lightweight, sturdy, rustproof

The housing is built from aluminum that is lightweight, sturdy, and rustproof.

Fire fighter turning on pump compressor-cropped.png


Operates with standard

pressure washers

Operates with the standard 3-4 gpm pressure washer or UHP fire pump common in fire halls across North America.



Easy to set up

High-pressure water is delivered to the unit through a hose attached to the 3/8'' female pressure washer coupling on the end of the unit.

In-Flow device no background front side view with arrows.png


Blasts away soot and debris

Inside the unit are two sets of twin high-pressure nozzles. 

Two nozzles at the entrance, one on each side, blast away loose and encrusted soot, debris, and contaminants as the hose enters the unit.

Two nozzles at the exit, one on each side, rinse away debris that’s been loosened by the brushes.



Scrapes away encrusted debris

Between the pairs of high-pressure nozzles are two heavy-duty brushes, one on each side of the channel. These brushes dislodge and scrape away encrusted soot, debris and contaminants as you pull the hose through the unit.

In-Flow device no background front angle with blur.png


Easy to carry

Two heavy-duty handles make the IN-FLOW Hose Washer easy to carry, maneuver and lift up to a storage shelf.



Protects your work area

A pair of heavy-duty rubber gaskets contain the debris, soot, and spray, keeping the local environment safe.

In-Flow full front close up on gasget with blur.png

Wash, Scrub and Rinse in One Pass

Fire Fighter loading hose into In-Flow.jpg

Turn the water on and press

the hose past the two

rubber gaskets

Fire Fighter pulling clean hose from In-Flow more left showing.jpg

Pull the hose slowly through the washer

Say goodbye to ineffective, cumbersome, time-consuming garden hoses and hand brushes

Designed for ultra-low water use and reduced area contamination

In-Flow close up side view with clean hose coming out the right - no crop - straightened -

Unlike traditional hose washers, the IN-FLOW Hose Washer is designed to both conserve water and limit area contamination. Traditional hose washers operate from a fire hydrant or apparatus and consume up to 60 gallons per minute. That’s a lot of runoff. The IN-FLOW Hose Washer uses just three gallons per minute. It generates little area contamination, and makes your job of containing runoff much easier.


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