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Fire & Rescue Trucks

Bush Trucks - Quick Attacks - Rescue Trucks - Tankers

OTEX fire and rescue trucks feature our all poly bodies that are lightweight and durable. Our trucks feature Feniex lighting and a variety of pumps including WATERAX and UHP systems. Each build is designed to fit the needs of your department or agency. 

If you are looking for a truck that is build to your specific needs, contact us. We look forward to working together to protect your community.

Features of an OTEX Truck

Every OTEX truck is designed with the your input to meet your specific needs and budget. Each Build features an all poly welded body and tanks that are NFPA compliant. Tanks range in size upto 500 gallons on Quick Attack trucks to 3500 gallons on a tandem Tanker.

We offer Waterax & Darley pumps as well as UHP systems to outfit your truck. If you have a specific pump need that we dont offer we will find the correct model of pump.

OTEX offers the brightest LED lighting options from Feniex, FRC and many other manufactures to light your night and protect your agency.

What is a Poly Body?

Our Poly Bodies are Built from high impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene. OTEX Poly Bodies are durable and rugged that resist dings and dents and will not rust or corrode. OTEX Poly Bodies are also lightweight, maximizing storage.

More information?

Please contact us



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