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IBC Tote Defender

Designed for Standard IBC Totes

These Pump systems are designed to be mounted on top of an IBC Tote creating a convenient Fire Suppression unit or just a handy water tank around the yard!

Ideal for farm, acreage, cabin or commercial business that needs an affordable fire protection unit. Just mount the pump & reel frame to an IBC (intermediate bulk container) tote and connect the suction hose. Contact us with any inquiries .



  • Aluminum Frame

  • 1" BE gas water pump

  • Suction Hose

  • Stainless Steel Ball Valves

  • Heavy Duty Hose reel 

  • 100ft 3/4" rubber hose

  • Forestry Nozzle​


  • 2" High Volume Pumps

  • Fire Fighting Pumps

  • UHP Systems

  • Firefighting FoamFire Fighting Pumps

  • UHP Systems

  • Firefighting Foam

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